Ralph Lewis (b. 1986) is a composer and electronic musician whose work seeks meeting points between sonorous music and arresting noise, alternative tunings and timbre, and the roles of performer and audience. Because he is often pursuing the nuance of individual performers, his frequent collaborators include bass trombonist Jack Alexander Madden, composer/multi-instrumentalist Jacob A. Barton, and historical performance clarinetist/conductor Thomas Carroll.

Presently, he is pursuing a degree of Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Composition at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying with Erik Lund. Recent performances include YWDN, a live electronics solo, at Wendy Reid’s Save The Frogs Benefit and blowviato and Thereminnards at the 17th Annual Music for People and Thingamajigs Festival in Oakland, California.

Previous honors include commissions from the Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp, Willie Winant for the Mills College Percussion Ensemble, the Crowthers Award for Lessons, and an Artist Residency at the Banff Art Center. He has participated in Master Classes with composers including Alvin Lucier, Christian Wolff, Julia Wolfe, David Lang, and Helmut Lachenmann, as well as readings with the Eclipse Quartet.